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Debatably the rarest stamp error in U.S. history, the Inverted Jenny is among the most mythical. The plane depicted on the stamp is the JN-4HM, built by the Curtiss company in the middle of World War I (95 percent of U.S. pilots trained on JN-4s during WWI). Philately, like many other hobbies, enjoys the self-referential: this was the first plane used to deliver mail. A printing error caused the blue vignette-the airplane and the air around it-to be printed upside down, while the red border framing the scene was printed correctly. The error only appeared on a single sheet of 100 stamps, which has since been broken up, so that mostly single examples of the stamp exist, though there remain two blocks of four. In 2016, a single Inverted Jenny sold at auction for $1,351,250."


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