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TSX, TSXV, CSE : Top Gainers, Following Trend






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

25 October 1861

TMX Group

Canadian Dollar

 No. of listings:
2,231 (December, 2019)

 Market cap:
$3.257 trillion

39.7 billion shares

S&P/TSX Composite, S&P/TSX 60, S&P/TSX Completion Index





Headline News



Where are we in this cycle

Recovery phase

Short rate low, or falling.
Bond yield low, or bottoming.
Stock market rising.
Commodities rising.
Property price bottoming.
Inflation falling.

Early upswing

Short rate neutral.
Bonds stable.
Stock market strong.
Commodities strong.
Property price picking up.
Inflation remains low.

Late upswing

Short rate rising.
Bonds yield  rising.
Stock market topping out.
Commodities rising strong.
Property price rising strong.
Inflation slowly picks up.

Economy slows

Short rate peaks.
Bonds yield tops out.
Stock market starts falling.
Commodities starts falling.
Property price tops out.
Inflation continues to rise.


Short rate drops.
Bonds yield drops.
Stock market bottoming.
Commodities weak..
Property price weak.
Inflation peaks.


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